Monday, March 16, 2009

not as good as I thought I was

So today I met with my English professor about a grade I got on a paper.

I spent so much time writing, reviewing, editing, and fixing the paper to the point that I honestly believed I'd receive a very good grade on it.

I didn't.

I talked to him about it today and he told me it was my writing style which lead to my bad grade. He even told me that I'd actually gotten 5% lower than he gave me on the paper because he felt bad that I didn't do so well. Wonderful... I got a pity grade.

My entire life I've been told that I'm a good writer and that I formulate my ideas very well. The last English professor I had even asked me if she could post one of my papers on her website as an example for future students.

Apparently, I'm not actually as good at writing as I thought I was.
If I'm not good at writing... then what am I good at? Because I can't think of anything...

I hate finals.

and on that depressing note... goodbye.

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