Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost... but wanting to be found

Okay, so Sunday night was the series finale of Lost. I have to say, I am/was addicted to the show. However, I fully blame HANNAH for that addiction because she is the one who encouraged me to watch 4 seasons of Lost within two months (or less) our freshman year of college. Ever since then, I've been hooked.

I have to say, I was kind of disappointed with the way that the show ended. They said all my questions would be answered... they weren't. My head is still exploding with questions!! Plus, after watching the video below, new questions arise that I either didn't even think to ask, or forgot about until someone else brought them up again.

I like reading all the interpretations of the ending... but it would be nice to get some actual answers from the writers/producers of the show.

They can start by answering all of these....

Kay, thanks.

(and thank you to Christine for showing me the video)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I tried to come up with a better title for this post, but I couldn't.

Anyway, this post is all about foods with pits. Why you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

It's because about 10 minutes ago I realized that the only foods I've eaten thus far today have had pits. I LOVE foods with pits. Weird huh?


And now that I've written this post... I am kinda wondering why I wrote it in the first place.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wonderful wednesday

Today is Wednesday which means it is the day that I have devoted to being thankful about this wonderful world that we live in. It is also the day that I have the least class this quarter (which is mainly why I chose it as my "wonderful" day). I know I missed last Wednesday (I suck) but here are ten things that I think are wonderful today...

1. Pretty wine bottle labels (I know, I'm on a wine kick lately... I can't help it! Christine and I are obsessed)

2. Free t-shirts - I've gotten THREE free t-shirts this week! It has been super exciting. One was from the university's daily newspaper, one was from the storage unit place we will be using this summer to store all our furniture, and one is for tomorrow's public relations day on campus.
This is the design that is on our PR day shirts for tomorrow!!
3. Crayons (preferably a brand new box of crayons, but carved ones work too)
I took this picture about 4 years ago while I was sill in high school. I printed it in the high school's dark room. I miss black and white photography (I have a feeling I'd be a lot better now!).
4. Flash Mobs!!! (I know I've posted this video before, but watching it always makes me smile)

5. Digiorno pizza (Christine and I had it for dinner tonight)
6. Having somebody wash/cut/play with my hair
7. Salad, what can I say, I'm addicted (you know, the kind with all the good stuff on it... like lettuce, olives, cheese, corn, sunflower seeds, bacon bits, and some sort of vinaigrette dressing... you know, the not so healthy - health food type of salad)
8. Tax refunds (which I need to deposit in my bank account)
9. Drinks with girl friends
Four wonderful friends sharing a Cactus Cooler
10. My class schedule for the fall (aka, only class on Mondays and Wednesdays... nothing on any other day of the week, that means four day weekends every single weekend!!)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

wine art

Every time Christine and I try a new type of wine, we pick it out based on the label and it's appeal. Sometimes we pick it based on the name, or reputation, but normally it is aesthetic appeal. Now that we will be moving out of this house in about a month, we are trying to figure out what to do with the wine bottles. We both agree that it is tacky to just have a shelf covered with bottles, but we don't want to just get rid of them because we would like to keep the labels.

I have been looking up different decorating tips/ideas, but none of them are amazing. I have also been looking at ways to remove the labels from the bottle so we can somehow frame them or scrap book or something. We are going to practice with some of the bottles that we know we will purchase again (Tisdale, Gnarly Head, etc.)

Some of them I'm just joking about, but some of them are good ideas! We would also have to figure out how to cut a hole in a bottle and stuff... hmm....

Do you have any ideas? We could use all the help we can get with decorating and/or label removing.


I'm a sucker for romance. I love romantic songs, romantic movies, romantic books, stories, fairy-tales, and TV shows. No matter how many times I see
The Notebook (I couldn't find a YouTube video that would let me embed the actual rain scene, but here is the MTV video awards which makes my heart skip a beat, too)

The Wedding Date

certain scenes of Grey's Anatomy

Love Actually (which I just watched with Michael today)

and so many others, I can't help but feel elated that somehow, somewhere, love like that is waiting to happen.

So naturally, when I went to see a movie with Hannah and Caroline a few months ago and the trailer for Letters to Juliet came on, I was moved. I even had TEARS in my eyes!! It was amazing. We all promised each other we would go to see it when it came out in theaters. Well, it just came out so yesterday we went to go see it. It was definitely a good movie, although I didn't cry the way I did when I first saw the trailer.

Apart from the guy, Christopher Egan, being amazingly good looking (and kind of resembling a combination of Heath Ledger and Matt Damon), the story was really cute.

Also, it made me want to take a trip to Verona, Italy. Did you know that the Secretaries of Juliet are REAL?! They respond to EVERY SINGLE LETTER that is left at the wall at Juliet's house (at least, they respond to all the ones with addresses). They give advice on behalf of juliet. It is so cute! I'd LOVE to have that job because I would love to read all those letters! How amazing! (My only advice to the Juliet Club would be to get someone to design a better website for them... the one they have is harshly lacking in romance.)

And before you tell me that Romeo and Juliet was not a true story, that is not what matters and you are missing the whole point. The whole love letter thing is about destiny, desire, longing, and feeling like someone out there is looking out for you and that everything will be okay. I think it's extremely romantic and I love it.

Wow... I'm such a sucker for romance...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Girl

This weekend is Christine's 21st birthday weekend. Last night we had a big party for her at our house (which means I'm EXHAUSTED today), and yesterday was mostly spent getting ready for it. We did, however, have time to go to Poly Canyon in the morning so that Nikol and I could shoot some photos of Christine.

My camera was acting weird with the sunlight and shade and stuff, so the first batch of pictures I took were not very good and I was getting frustrated. As the shoot went on, it got better, but I am still not completely happy with this shoot. Christine was a wonderful model, but I didn't get as many good shots with her as I did with Stephanie. It was definitely my fault though, because Nikol got a lot of good pictures. I'm just a little disappointed is all.

Christine had wonderful dresses, though! She had good props and had fun with her surroundings.

we found a super cool old VW van just sitting there next to the architecture projects in Poly Canyon. It made a really cool prop! (the architecture projects, especially the houses like the Shell House that people actually lived in were really really weird!!)

I'm looking forward to more photo shoots with Nikol!
The ones we have lined up for the future are:
1. Nikol taking pictures of the three of us so we can put pictures in our living room next year
2. Nikol and I taking couple pictures of Christine and Garrett, Steph and Zack, and Nikol and Robert (even though Nikol claims that they won't be able to sit still long enough)

I'm so excited!!

Stagecoach Belated

A few weeks ago, Stephanie, Christine, and I headed down to Indio so we could go to the Stagecoach Music Festival. Katelin didn't end up coming for a number of reasons.

We stayed with my big sister in Redlands and she made us breakfast on Saturday morning before we headed out to the concert. I love my big sister.

Last year I took soooo many pictures, but this year, since there were only 3 of us, there weren't as many photo opportunities. It is super hard to get pictures of all three of us when there are only 3 of us there, and taking pictures of 2 of us at a time gets awkward. I didn't even bring my nice camera into the concert the second day (bad decision, I should ALWAYS bring my nice camera with me everywhere I go).

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the weekend (honestly, they are probably all the good ones I have... pretty disappointing).

Everybody who preformed was really good, even though it was super hot during the day.

the three of us <3

me and steph
me and christine

the shirts we bought

the damn green spotlight that kept shining in our eyes, it would linger in our eyes for 30 seconds, move for 5 min, then come back to our eyes...)

The weekend was pretty exhausting and it involved a lot of driving. We left the concert at 11 to drive home (right in the middle of Toby Keith which was a bummer because I love him, but we were exhausted). We didn't get home until 4:30 in the morning and by then we were pretty delirious. We recorded a ridiculous sob-fest on Christine's iPhone, but it's far too embarrassing to post on here. We also had a few pretty ridiculous conversations... you never realize how out of it you are at 4 in the morning until you start laughing at things that the normal person just finds stupid.

Friday, May 7, 2010

wonderful wednesday....

... on Thursday (well, technically it's even Friday now).

Wonderful things about our world...

1. Glee!! (I <3 Finn)

2. Photography
3. 21st Birthdays (Christine's just happens to be this weekend!!)
4. Hugh Grant

5. Pocket Sonnets (like those in Sense and Sensibility)
6. Cinco de Mayo
7. Slurpees from 7-11
8. Sharpies (my aunt works for Sanford, the company that makes Sharpies, so I sometimes get them for free... there's nothing better than writing with a brand new Sharpie!!)

9. Mother's Day flowers (to be delivered tomorrow... shhhhh don't tell, it's a secret! ... I don't think my mom reads this blog) thank you Danville Florist and Gifts .... next year I'm just sending cards, flowers are so expensive!!

10. Everything by Michael Bublé