Friday, May 7, 2010

wonderful wednesday....

... on Thursday (well, technically it's even Friday now).

Wonderful things about our world...

1. Glee!! (I <3 Finn)

2. Photography
3. 21st Birthdays (Christine's just happens to be this weekend!!)
4. Hugh Grant

5. Pocket Sonnets (like those in Sense and Sensibility)
6. Cinco de Mayo
7. Slurpees from 7-11
8. Sharpies (my aunt works for Sanford, the company that makes Sharpies, so I sometimes get them for free... there's nothing better than writing with a brand new Sharpie!!)

9. Mother's Day flowers (to be delivered tomorrow... shhhhh don't tell, it's a secret! ... I don't think my mom reads this blog) thank you Danville Florist and Gifts .... next year I'm just sending cards, flowers are so expensive!!

10. Everything by Michael Bublé

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