Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love reading other people's blogs. I get so many cool ideas from them and my eyes get opened to cool photos, experiences, and new things to do. One thing that a lot of people do is post lists on their blogs, either their own or other people's. Many of them are lists of happiness.

The Rockstar Diaries has "Here's to Happiness"
Twila's Vintage has "10 things that make my heart happy"
The PigBear has "ten on tuesday"

I really really like reading these lists. So much that I want to start my own list! One thing that has made ME happy this quarter is Wednesday. So, welcome to my first "Wonderful Things in our World on Wednesday" list.... (we can work on the name later... I'm just going to try it on for size right now...)

Wonderful Things in our World on Wednesday:
1. only two hours of class on Wednesdays (and no work!)
2. receiving my sister's high school graduation announcement in the mail
3. being able to do half of the NY Times crossword puzzle on Wednesday, even though I can normally only get that far on Mondays (and sometimes Tuesdays)
4. thinking that the day is weird and joking with Stephanie that it must be a full moon... and then realizing that it IS a full moon!
5. Stagecoach Country Music Festival (more on this later, I promise)
6. measuring my new room for next year
7. wine (preferably cab)
8. The OC (which I'm watching right now)
9. David Beckham (whose poster I have on my wall... and he's not wearing a shirt)
10. brand new (blue) PaperMate ballpoint pens

I promise I will get better at this. Normally they won't be things from that specific day that make me happy, but today there were a few things and I just wanted to share.

P.S. I just thought of another wonderful thing
11. the movie Ever After with Drew Barrymore
I bought it at Costco for $5 today and I haven't seen it in so long.... it's also cool because the servant she buys back towards the beginning also plays Crazy Pete in Now and Then (one of my favorite movies) and then also, the book her father gives her at the beginning of the movie is Utopia which we just read in Humanities (and was on our midterm yesterday)

Prince: Anyone who can quote Thomas More is well worth the effort
Danielle: The prince has read Utopia!
Prince: I found it sentimental and dull.

Haha pretty sure that's what half of my class was feeling when we were going over it... I, personally, felt the book had some redeeming qualities but a government system such as the one built by the Utopians would never work. just saying.

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heidi bilbro said...

Rachel, I miss you, and I think we must be like psychically connected. I posted about things I am greatful for today....
Love you!