Monday, April 12, 2010


I am so in the mood to do crafts right now! But, of course, instead of doing crafts, I have to start reading Thomas More's "Utopia" for my humanities class. Grr..

I need to start doing stuff with all the things I brought back from Spain and all my travels in Europe. I can't wait to start scrap booking all of it! I have THOUSANDS of photos.

What I REALLY want to do is find a house that me, Christine, and Stephanie will live in next year. I want to clear out all the stuff I have in my room right now that I don't need, and I want to make crafty decorations for my walls, dresser, etc.

A girl, Twila (check out her blog), commented on my blog today and I'm so glad she did! I went and flipped through a few pages on her blog and I got so excited! She has so many cool ideas (one that I posted on Nikol's Facebook wall), and I can't wait to use some of her brilliant decorating ideas. One of her posts had cool quotes that kind of reminded me of those old I Spy books I used to read when I was young. I got really excited because a couple of the pictures combined two things I'm super excited about right now (and in general): quotes and maps!! Here are the pictures (thanks, Twila)!!

I really like the second one! I have been doing some stuff with canvases and decoupage and stuff, I made something for my sister a while ago, and I have a couple flower things that I have on my wall (not too proud of those, they were kinda just the first project I did, trying out a new medium and stuff). I will take a picture of the one I did for my sister the next time I go home.

I need to invest in some stencils, paints, ribbons, etc. Who want's to go on a trip to Beverly's or JoAnn's this weekend with me?

Anyway, I'm super excited to do some things with quotes, maps, pictures and such. Also, because I'm going to be home this summer, my mom said she would teach me how to sew! She gave me her old sewing machine she used when she was my age, but I don't know how to use it! I'm so excited for mother-daughter time and sewing lessons.

Okay, off to read "Utopia." Wish me luck!

P.S. I also developed some cool things for my sisters for when they graduate (Liana is graduating high school in June and Caitlin is graduating college in May... sorry Kelley, you've gotta wait two more years till you graduate college!!) So excited!!

P.P.S. STAGECOACH is in two weeks! So excited!


Stephanie said...

I'm 100% serious in making a "crafts corner" or a "crafts table" next year.

Yes. yes yes. I don't wanna go to Michael's or Beverly's until I have more room for the supplies (and more $$ to buy them).

Have fun with Utopia. I should probably start that, too.

Twila said...

Oh yay!! I know I love quotes and maps too. Today I did a post about a really cool map project! I want to do it really bad and it would ease your craft desire.