Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Girl

This weekend is Christine's 21st birthday weekend. Last night we had a big party for her at our house (which means I'm EXHAUSTED today), and yesterday was mostly spent getting ready for it. We did, however, have time to go to Poly Canyon in the morning so that Nikol and I could shoot some photos of Christine.

My camera was acting weird with the sunlight and shade and stuff, so the first batch of pictures I took were not very good and I was getting frustrated. As the shoot went on, it got better, but I am still not completely happy with this shoot. Christine was a wonderful model, but I didn't get as many good shots with her as I did with Stephanie. It was definitely my fault though, because Nikol got a lot of good pictures. I'm just a little disappointed is all.

Christine had wonderful dresses, though! She had good props and had fun with her surroundings.

we found a super cool old VW van just sitting there next to the architecture projects in Poly Canyon. It made a really cool prop! (the architecture projects, especially the houses like the Shell House that people actually lived in were really really weird!!)

I'm looking forward to more photo shoots with Nikol!
The ones we have lined up for the future are:
1. Nikol taking pictures of the three of us so we can put pictures in our living room next year
2. Nikol and I taking couple pictures of Christine and Garrett, Steph and Zack, and Nikol and Robert (even though Nikol claims that they won't be able to sit still long enough)

I'm so excited!!

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Twila said...

Those photos are so random to find a VW band just their...and lucky. you look adorable in the photos! I wish I had the no how to make a cute video like the girls with glasses too! Maybe one day!