Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Friends, OH MY!

These past few days have been so wonderful. I went shopping (and spent way too much money), I got to eat at The Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco with Luke (and ate way too much food), and I got to visit two of my best friends from high school, Kenneth and Katelin, at UOP in Stockton.

Katelin and I started out the evening by watching part of the UOP Tigers v. Davis Aggies baseball game. We talked to Alex for a little while (I hadn't seen him since he came up to visit Mike for Thanksgiving during our Junior year of high school). He was so friendly :)

Kateline and I were Kenneth's dates at his fraternity's cocktail party. It was so much fun. Everybody was dressed up, we danced, we talked, met new people, and just had a great time. Kenneth, I was constantly shocked at your dancing abilities. There would be no way I could keep up with you even if I tried.

After that, we went and hung out with some of Katelin's other friends. Jim, Andrew, and Amy were all very nice. Too bad there was a creeper guy who made me very uncomfortable. Jim, thank you for saving me from that.

We stayed up until 4 in the morning at Jim and Andrew's house. Then went back to Katelin's, went to sleep, and woke up at 10 in the morning. I'm exhausted.

I had wonderful time though. Everybody at UOP was so nice and friendly. I had so much fun meeting you all. The campus was beautiful.

In honor of reconnecting with old friends, watch this video. It is heart warming and will make you cry. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing somebody you haven't seen in a long time and reconnecting, even if it seems as though so much has changed.

Never give up on old friendships.

And in the honor of old friendships and maintaining connections through the years, I'm off to watch The Notebook.

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