Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't Stop Believing

So tonight was a party at Ryan's house. The theme was "80's style aerobics." Everybody was dressed up. Kat, Nikol, and I danced a lot. At one point we climbed up on the couch and sang to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." The entire house was singing to it. It was so much fun.

The outfits that people were wearing were so cool. It makes me wonder where they get stuff like that. Thong leotards? Hot pink tights and spandex? Neon high top shoes? Oh yeah, that's right... "they got it at Ross" (Remember those old school "do you like it, i love it" commercials for Ross? Amazing).

Too bad the party got broken up early. And by early, I mean like, before midnight. But it was still fun none the less.

Even after that though we had a blast. We went back to Kat and Nikol's with a bunch of people and we made chocolate chip pancakes and watched half of "She's The Man" which is such a ridiculously dumb movie. The fact that it is so ridiculously dumb makes it so much fun to watch with my group of friends. Mark especially enjoyed it.

Next Amanda Bynes movie to watch? Sydney White. Check it out.

Enough said.

My clock says it's 3:39 a.m. right now. It's daylight savings time. It should only be 2:39. Oh well. I'm going to bed none the less. I'm exhausted.


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nikol said...

singing journey while dancing on ryan's couch was definitely the highlight of my night.

i think that it'll be a memory that i'll think of when i'm old and reminiscing about my college days.

rachel, i LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing with you! we all need to do that more often.