Friday, March 6, 2009

Education... through comic books?

So this week has been kinda stressful for me. I found out on Tuesday that the six page term paper I spent 4 hours writing for my British Literature class was just the rough draft. The final is due tonight at midnight. Also, I spent Monday-Wednesday worrying about my take home Media Law mid term that was due about 8 minutes ago.

I know what you're thinking, take home mid term? That's easy!
No. It's not. I spent about 8-10 hours working on a 6 question mid term for that class, and I probably won't even get that great of a grade on it. Ha ha... oh well.

These are actually two of my favorite classes. Even though Media Law is an extremely hard class, I am learning so much about things that I would have never even thought about had I not taken this class. Yeah, the grades on the first mid term were not very good (everybody I know got below a 70...) but if I were to take the class again or from another teacher, most likely I would be bored and I would definitely not learn nearly as much as I am in this class. The lectures are pretty long, but he includes random little jokes that give them comedic relief (I won't write them her... he has his lectures copyrighted... no joke). Even if I don't understand some of his jokes, I can't help but laugh at them.

My English class, on the other hand, is always interesting. It's a British Literature class, but not the type that you'd think. We don't read Shakespeare, Jane Austen, or Charles Dickens (although I would love to read some of their books at some point in my life). Instead, my class has a theme. The theme my professor chose to teach this quarter is "Dystopia and Apocalypse." Every book and poem we have read this quarter has been about the end of the world, destruction of government, etc. Even the forms the books are published in are not your normal English books. We have read chapter books, short stories, poems, and eve comic books.

I highly recommend reading the books that I've read this quarter:
  • The Last Man - By Mary Shelley (1800's, harder to read, author of "Frankenstein")
  • The Time Machine - By H.G. Wells (very short, movie adaptations- "The Time Machine" and "Omega Man")
  • The Chrysalids - By John Wyndham (religious commentary, creepy, but good)
  • I Am Legend - By Richard Matheson (haven't read it yet, this is our book for next week)
  • V for Vendetta - By Alan Moore (comic book, creepy, movie adaptation)
  • Watchmen - By Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (comic book, very interesting, in theaters now! - I'm going to see it tonight!!!)
  • --Other books that people in the class are reading as their assigned small group readings--
  • The Children of Men - By P.D. James
  • A Clockwork Orange - By Anthony Burgess
  • 1984 - By George Orwell
  • Memoirs of a Survivor - By Dorris Lessing

I have greatly enjoyed my English class. I love the stories we've read. I love the class conversations we have. I love the way my professor gets us to think about what we have been reading. I love when I say something in class and he gets a look on his face like he hasn't thought of it that way, and then thanks me after class for my participation and contribution of my ideas. I love that a requirement for our final is to go see "Watchmen" in class. I love that he has the opportunity for extra credit; beyond that I love that the extra credit opportunity is to watching one of the movie adaptations of one of the books we've read.

Hopefully I'll get around to reading the other groups' books at some point. I've seen the movie "The Children of Men," but I would really like to read the book.

I enjoyed reading these types of books so much (even though they gave me nightmares). I hope that I will continue reading these types of books on my own time. Maybe I'll go invest in some comic books of my own. Don't worry though, I'm keeping the ones I bought for this class. They were that good!

As for tonight, I'm going to see "Watchmen" with Brett, Luke, Gideon, and Mark. I'm not sure if Nikol, Kat, Cassie and Brian are coming, I hope they are, but it would also be okay if it was just me and the boys. I'm excited to see how closely the movie follows the comic book. It's supposed to be very true to the novel.

As for now, I'm done writing. After my term paper and my Media Law mid term, and then this blog, I think I've written my fair share in the past few days.

I will most likely post another blog tomorrow or Sunday about the movie tonight.

I also have other blog ideas but I don't want to overdo it and write so much that people don't want to take the time to read my blog (even though I'm pretty sure that Nikol is the only one who has actually ever checked it out). My blogs up until now have been pretty long as it is. Hmm... maybe I'll work on making them shorter.

Love <3

oh yeah, just an afterthought. Yesterday, Luke and I went with Kathryn to "Boot Barn." I love that place. I want a cowboy hat and cowboy boots so bad! Sucks for me that they are super expensive!

another thought... I cancelled our spring break trip to Mexico yesterday. So sad :( Oh well, at least I'm getting $300 back. I could definitely use that kind of money.

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