Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twitter and April Fools

So I just joined Twitter. What a great tool!

I always feel bad because I constantly update my status on Facebook... but then I feel like people get sick of that and I feel so lame because really, the number of people on Facebook who care what I'm doing at any given moment in time is very small...

Twitter allows me to do the Facebook update type things, without being annoying. If somebody is looking at my updated status it's because they want to, not because it shows up, unavoidably, on their news feed.

I feel like a true Journalism student now. A blog, twitter, Mustang Daily meetings... wow!

Check out my Twitter page!

On another note, I hate April Fools Day. It is one of my least favorite holidays! I always fall for the dumb jokes that people play on me. Like my jerk face of a little sister. My mom is on some tropical vacation with my step dad. They are scuba diving and all that good stuff. My sister texted me this morning telling me that my mom was in the hospital being treated for a really bad jellyfish sting on her leg. I believed her because I could envision my mom freaking out and yelling at people and being in a very bad mood and very scary to be around because of that sting. I believed her because I actually got that image in my mind. Then came the "April Fools" text. Thanks Liana. You got me again. Just like every other April Fools day since you could talk. Wonderful.

On the plus side, I made very good tariyaki chicken for dinner tonight. And Luke helped me move around the furniture in my room so that I could accommodate the TV that I brought from home. Plus, I bought an over the door sweatshirt hanger at BBandB today.. my wardrobe was getting pretty cramped.

That is all.

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