Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture Practice

This past week has been a wonderful depiction of how great life is right now. I've had so much fun with my friends and boyfriend. I'm lucky to go to school where I do and to live so close to beautiful places like Montana de Oro and Avila beach.

I've already written about my Monday and Tuesday earlier this week. Those two days were great. I got to spend time with my good friends at the beach.. This is a picture that Nikol took while we were at the beach. I'm giving her all the credit, but I love it so much and it is such a great Kodak moment (well, actually, a Nikon moment because that's the kind of camera Nikol has) which describes my friends and their playful attitudes perfectly.
Thanks for this great picture Nikol!

My sister saw this picture on Facebook and commented that I am so lucky that I get to go to the beach every weekend. I was like... "Yeah, Kell, I am super lucky! I am so close and the weather is always great! But, I went to the beach on Tuesday.. it wasn't even a weekend!!" I totally rubbed it in her face. It was great! (Sorry Kelley, Love you!)

I did, however, go to the beach this weekend. Yesterday, Kat, Nikol, and I spent a wonderful two hours taking pictures at Montana de Oro. We got some really nice pictures of our beautiful model, Kat. Also, we all took turns posing in pictures together. The rocks hurt our feet, the tide started rising, it was exhausting, but it was so much fun. I wish that my photo skills were up to par, though. Hopefully, as Nikol and I continue to find people to photograph in cool locations and wearing cool outfits, I will get better and better at training my artistic eye. (Hence the title of this blog, "Picture Practice," instead of "Picture Perfect." I still believe I have so far to come as a photographer, but by praciticing, I'll get closer to that time when I can say "Picture Perfect" .. or at least "Picture nearly-Perfect")

Our whole day was an adventure. We got to conduct a photo shoot at a beautiful beach that is only 15 miles away from campus. After that, though, we continued our adventures. We hung out with Mark and went to three different locations to find milkshakes. Unfortunately, the Madonna Inn as well as Margie's Diner (not Morgie's, Kat, sorry!) close at 9! Sucks for us, we ended up at Denny's. The drinks we got were so good though; plus, we saw some very interesting characters showing up there. They seemed to be coming from a wedding reception... we all agreed that if ANYBODY decided to go to Denny's after our wedding reception... we'd be very angry (and I think I would not invite them to my second wedding... okay, bad joke).

Later that night, even though we were all exhausted, we decided to watch the Nicholas Cage movie, Next. It has Jessica Biel in it. I definitely recommend it. It was a very good movie.

Not only did I get to hang out with Kat, Nikol, and Mark, though, but I also got to spend Friday with my future room mates, as well as Saturday. Friday night, we went out with Stephanie's parents to CPK for dinner. It was very good and her parents were very nice. Then, Saturday, we went to the house and I did measurements of my room. It's HUGE!! (16ft by 16ft!!!) Later on Saturday, after my beach photo shoot but before my milkshake adventures, I got to go out to dinner with Christine's mom. She is so nice and so fun to talk to.

I also hung out with Kathryn and Christine at the pool today. Luke and some of Christine and Kat's guy friends were also there. I even got in the pool... something I NEVER do. It felt so nice.

The entire weekend was absolutely beautiful and I am so glad I have the friends I do.

Here are some pictures from our photo shoot:

P.S. My little sister, Liana, is coming to visit tomorrow. I'm so excited to see her. She's been having a tough week, and I'm looking forward to spending some quality sister time with her... even if it is just for one night. I love you Liana!

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