Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hey, Hollywood never looked this good!

Hey, Hollywood never looked this good
Bright as the big screen burns
Hey, I bet drivin down sunset
They're lookin for a face like hers
Yeah, I've been all around this world
And she'd be California
If California was a girl!
-Rascal Flatts, "She'd Be California"

That's how we felt this weekend when we were in LA for dinner and Mamma Mia. On Saturday, Nikol, Kat, Ashley, Cassie, and I headed down to LA for dinner and a "Broadway" play.

We left San Luis at around 2 in the afternoon. Nikol called shot gun - of course - and we all piled in to Ashley's care and drove down to LA. We made it to Sunset Blvd, where the restaurant was, right when our reservations were. We even found a parking spot literally right across the street from it! Somehow we all managed to change in to our dresses (or skirts, as in Cassie's case) right there in the car... one one of the most popular streets in Hollywood! What an adventure.

We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Ketchup. According to Ashley and her mom, Ketchup is one of the restaurants the gang goes to on "The Hills." Pretty cool huh? We started off our meal with their appetizer called the "Threesome" - three types of french fries, all equally good. We also got an order of truffle fries which were my favorite. If you ever get a chance to try some, do it; They are wonderful. For dinner I had BBQ pork ribs. I almost didn't order that meal because it came with crab and truffle mac and cheese and I'm not a big mac and cheese person. I ordered it anyway, and man am I glad I did. The mac and cheese was wonderful, plus, the ribs weren't bad either ;) We ended the meal with two different desserts, ice cream chocolate chip cookies and banana and ice cream with brownies. I didn't have any banana (not a big fan) but I did eat some of everything else. Let me tell you, the ice cream was FABULOUS.

We made it to the play right in the middle of the opening number which, unfortunately, was Nikol's favorite song from Mamma Mia. However, we had such a blast singing and dancing along with the music. Nikol, Kat, and I agreed that the play was even better than the movie... and we LOVED the movie.

We spent that night at Nikol's house. It was so cute! Her dad had pictures of her entire family all over every single wall of the house. I loved it. She showed Kat and I the carvings that her grandfather made for her family. He was really good with wood working. The raccoon was our favorite.

The next morning we woke up, went to Panera for breakfast/lunch, and headed home. Nikol ran in to one of the moms she knew from high school. I don't remember the mother's name, but it was funny when she reached down and checked Nikol's finger to see if she had an engagement ring on! The entire weekend (driving to LA by ourselves for a night on the town, the story line of Mamma Mia, and the ring check) made me realize that we are totally old enough to be engaged or even married... but I'm definitely glad that none of us are.

The past two days I've been hanging out with Christine and Kathryn a lot. I'm loving it. We went swimming yesterday. Yes, that's right, I went swimming... AGAIN. To tell you the truth, it's not that bad. Especially when it's over 90 degrees outside and the pool is heated perfectly so there's no temperature shock when I hop - or climb - in to the pool.

Also, another one of my accomplishments besides getting in the pool, yesterday I went to target and spent $4. Yup, the Target-aholic spent less than $5.

I meant to write in my blog a few days ago, but it has been way too hot to sit in one place and type away. It just now cooled off enough that I opened my window and was able to sit in one place without getting over heated. Wow, that's sad when "cooling off" means it's 83 degrees outside. Oh well, that's just one of the many reasons I love SLO.

In other news, last night I went over and stole a bunch of Christine's country music. We're all getting so excited for Stagecoach this weekend. We leave late Thursday night, the same night that the group I'm going to Spain with is meeting and having a Wine and Cheese party (which means I miss my regular Thursday night of "The Office" at Kat and Nikols).

My business class was canceled today which meant that I got to go in to CPK for one of their group interviews. I think I did relatively well. We'll see if I get any of the hundreds of jobs I'm applying for.

Until next time... <3

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