Saturday, April 18, 2009

does your mother know

That is what Nikol wrote on my back (in highlighter) last night. The answer was no, my mother did not know that I was out.

Tonight, however, my mother DOES know that I'm going out... to MAMMA MIA!!!

Nikol, Kat, Cassie, Ashley, and I are all driving down to LA in about 45 minutes to go to a nice dinner, spend time with good friends, and watch the Broadway show Mamma Mia.

I'm so excited; except my throat kinda hurts - you know when you're at a Mexican restaurant and you're eating tortilla chips too quickly and the corner of one gets stuck in your throat? Yeah, it feels like that.

But, I don't care because I'm going to be all dressed up and out on the town tonight.

Love it.

Oh yeah, and it was so nice having Kimberly and Michael Clark there last night. Also, I loved that Hannah, Caroline, Maryn, Rene, Bethany, etc. all came last night. It was a lot of fun.

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