Wednesday, April 22, 2009


so I made one of those classic laundry mistakes today
I washed a pair of new blue shorts with some of my whites
normally I was my laundry in cold water and I don't sort it too much
but my blue shorts had never been washed... and they bled
I now have two "new" pairs of baby blue socks, three "blue t's" (which used to be Hanes white t's), and a baby blue cover up that used to be super cute.. when it was white that is
i was very upset with myself
I'm SO dumb

anyway... now I'm watching "Little Manhattan," a very cute movie about love between two nine year old's... adorable

the magazine club meeting went pretty well today
lots of people with lots of questions
pretty cool

but seriously... if you ever get a chance to watch Little Manhattan, do it. I'm not even kidding. Maryn and I are having a blast laughing and squealing and getting excited for the little kids. it is amazingly adorable and I love it.

"Nothing's as big as your first love"

damn blue clothing.

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