Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Television Consumption

So, I'm addicted to TV shows.

I don't watch most of them when they air on TV though... most of my TV intake is online.

As much as I appreciate that networks such as ABC, The CW, NBC, and ABC Family have video players on their websites so that I can watch whatever show I want whenever I want, it definitely leads to addiction.

I would post a list about all the shows I watch online... but that would just be embarrassing... seriously.

Plus, when I get bored, I tend to just look for new shows to watch and I end up adding to my collection of TV shows I'm addicted to. Tonight's new show: 90210. It's the new version on The CW. Add that to my weekly Grey's, Private, Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Greek, etc.... and you've got yourself a full blown TV addict.

Maybe I should try going to the gym or something instead... who am I kidding. That will never happen. I'll just continue to complain about how out of shape I am while I sit in front of my computer/TV watching whatever pops up on the screen.

I just bought a bunch of new books though (remember the ones from Borders?) so I'm thinking that maybe instead of watching television shows like I did tonight, I will read a few more books during the early hours of the night so that I don't stay up late reading like I normally do.

Or I could focus on my homework much more than I normally do... hmm, now there's a concept!

So things Rachel could be doing instead of watching trashy online teenage soap operas...
1. going to the gym
2. reading books like Angels and Demons as well as The Starter Wife or Picking Cotton
3. doing homework

But, now lets be honest, do any of those sound as interesting as the lives of rich kids in Beverly Hills or the love lives of successful neuro surgeons? Yeah, didn't think so.

What TV shows do you watch?

P.S. Props to Nikol for her extremely successful magazine club meeting tonight. If you want more information about the magazine, let me know (or you can message Nikol directly). It's gonna be cool!


nikol said...

so the class hannah and i are taking is about trash culture and how it's ok that we are enthralled with contemporary culture, even though it's not high class, because the basic stories and ideas are the same in star wars as in the faerie queen and whatnot. it's a sweet class.

keep watching and don't feel bad!

Alexander said...

Angels and Demons is a pretty good book. I read it on the plane from somewhere to somewhere (hmm, maybe Synod 03), but it was still pretty good. That was before Tom Hanks got cast for the movies. IDK if it would be as good now that he is associated with the main character :P

If you like internet TV, there are lots of sites that are essentially encyclopedias for video hosting sites. www.hulu.com is a really good one, but it has comercials. www.tvshack.net, www.free-tv-video-online.info, and www.tv-links.cc are all good, but make sure you have spam blocking software on your comp, they have some pretty aggressive ads~