Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Advertisement Art

In my Contemporary Advertising class today we watched a bunch of commercials from Europe, the United States, Australia, etc. There were some really creative ones. I feel kind of dumb when I say that watching these commercials makes me appreciate the art and creativity put in to developing them. But it's true, so much thought and planning goes in to the advertisements, commercials, and product placement of everything we purchase in our daily lives. I like my advertising class because it makes me think of advertising and commercials in a way that I never have before.

Some of my favorite commercials in class today were for the Toyota Celica. Here are some videos of those commercials.

The one with the old man is my favorite.

Next time you watch TV try to pay attention to the artistic and creative part of each commercial instead of taking them for granted. You're going to see commercials everywhere you go (billboards, magazines, search engines, Facebook, movie theaters, etc.); instead of tuning them out, why not look at them with fascination?

Everybody has their favorite commercials; why do you think so many people watch the Super Bowl every February? I know I couldn't tell you who won each of the past five Super Bowls, but I could probably tell you my favorite commercial from each of those games... sad, I know.

I sound like a loser right now but just admit it, some commercials make you happy too.

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nikol said...

i remember that dog one from a while ago. i LOVED that one for the longest time.