Saturday, December 11, 2010


A week and a half ago my friends and I celebrated my 21+1. Last year I was in Spain for my 21st birthday, so this year my wonderful roommates and other friends helped me celebrate my 21+1 so I didn't miss out on all the normal 21 festivities.

The day before my birthday I went to my friends Hannah and Caroline's house. We had been in the dorms together. They made me a lovely cake.
Top Photo: My 19th birthday, freshman year (minus Emily, one of my then-roommates)
Bottom Photo: My 22nd birthday, senior year
I love these girls!

It was Dead Week (the week of classes before finals, when every single professor you have decides to add an extra paper, give you extra homework, and have you present a bunch of projects - right before finals) so I was really surprised as to how many people came out with me. I had told everybody that I completely understood if they couldn't come downtown with us, I wasn't going to hold it against people.

I got so many wonderful e-mails, text messages, and Facebook comments. It really was a wonderful 21+1.

Here are some pictures from the night... the ones that I feel comfortable posting online. 

The cake that Steph made (the candles were pretty awesome) and our b-day decorations.

My wonderful roommates, Stephanie and Christine

Me and my wonderful guy friends who came DT with me .. some more showed up later

Lovely ladies <3

Aubrea, John, and Kristen - I got to spend my real 21 with them (in Spain) AND my 21+1. I love them!!

Journalism friends - Stephanie, Erika, Krista

Thank you to everyone who made my 21+1 such a wonderful day :) 

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