Wednesday, February 2, 2011

text commandments

I am one of those people who stands in front of the magazine section at the grocery store, reads People, and then walks away without buying it. I flip through wedding and fashion magazines, but never pay the $4.00 to take it home with me. Magazines are just too expensive.

However I do make one exception. I love Glamour. I love the articles, the photos, the celebrities, the interviews, I even love the advertisements. There is just something about that magazine that makes me happy. And it's not just the magazine! I also check out the Glamour website on a regular basis and read multiple blogs either written specially for Glamour, or by Glamour writers/editors.

One of my favorite Glamour blogs is Simitten. It is relationship, sex, and social advice all rolled into one. The writers are funny, honest, and get straight to the point. More times than not, I find myself contemplating what they are talking about and realize that they are basically speaking directly to me.

The most recent post on Smitten is "10 Commandments for Texting a Guy". They are all pretty funny, but here are my top 4 (just because they are oh so true):

1. If Thy Texts Fall Out Of Rhythm, Thou Shall Not Expect Dancing
Everyone has a texting rhythm. If you’re used to him replying within the hour, you can’t freakout when he doesn’t get back to you in 15 minutes. If you’re both used to responses within 10 minutes, he can’t whine if you don’t respond in 5. If you’re used to him replying right away, all the time, well, be prepared for some fights.

2. Thy Texts Shall Have A Point
“I am watching a show about Komodo dragons” is not useful information. It is a waste of precious binary code. And if the recipient doesn’t have some kind of unlimited plan, a waste of money, too. Unless, however, he happens to be really into Komodo dragons.

3. Thou Shalt Not Play (Word) Games
We’re not talking about wordplay, we’re talking about pretending you didn’t get the text or ignoring them, or letting people see them who you know should not; it’s immature and just plain mean.

4. Thou Shalt Not Get Into It
Text is not the forum for conveying serious, or nuanced information. Don’t get into a debate about the relationship over text. Don’t ask us to explain ourselves over text. Don’t ask us where we think this thing is going over text. Bad idea. Be real. Have those conversations in person.

The first two are “commandments: that I myself am guilty of... the second two are already rules that I have in place. I HATE when people pretend they didn't get your text or purposefully wait a super long time to text you back... I think it is annoying and dumb and it is definitely not just a girl thing to do. I also try my best not to get into fights over texts. I think that it is passive aggressive and annoying and I would much rather duke it out in person.

So there you have it, my four most important text commandments (at least the four most important out of the ten addressed on Smitten). If you want to see all ten, click here.

On that note, sweet dreams.

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