Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a campus photo shoot

This past weekend - although I didn't get anything productive done - was a great weekend! I got to go out with friends, drink champagne, spend time in the sun, and go on a photo shoot with some of my favorite girls from my major.

We couldn't think of a cool location for our photo shoots - we are spoiled and the beach is overdone, plus it is too early in the year for the fields of flowers - so we stayed on our college campus*. Luckily, our school is partially agricultural which means that we have some pretty cool scenery. The main purpose was to get some professional looking photos, but we also took a few fun ones.

The following are just a few of my favorites - don't judge me on the editing, I just used the iPhoto basic editing tools.

Meet my beautiful models:
Erica, Krista, and Stephanie

Stephanie - my roommate and model from a year ago

Erica - friend from journalism and soon to be law school student

Krista - friend from journalism and one of the busiest, most accomplished women I know

And just some photos that I liked - Krista shot a lot of Erica, I shot a lot of Stephanie. We switched it up sometimes, but that's how it was split up for the most part...

Steph with my Diana camera (I'm getting those photos developed as we speak - we will see how they turn out, it was the first time I used it)

Messing around with manual focus

Cherry blossoms by the San Luis Obispo mission - so pretty

And a photo of me - taken by Stephanie
(I prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it...)

*All photos in this post were taken on our college campus,
with the exception of the cherry blossom one

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