Saturday, February 19, 2011


So there is officially one week until the Love Out Loud Show. There is so much stuff that still needs to get done, however I keep telling myself that it will all get done. Or, as my mom said to me the other day, "It will all get done because it has to." There is no backing out now.

In other news, even though I am kind of stressed about Love Out Loud (okay, "kind of" is basically the understatement of the 21st century) there is also so much more that I'm looking forward to.

Once the excitement (and stress/anxiety) of Love Out Loud has worn off and I have finished writing my paper, there are still a lot of really awesome things that will happen!

First - my roommate Christine and I are going to Munich and Prague over Spring Break. (Less than a month - yay!)

Second - Christine, Stephanie, Kayla, Kaitlin, Kelsey, and I are going to Las Vegas the first weekend in April - which is also the first weekend after I get back from Europe.

Third - the weekend after Vegas is WineFest - the group of girls I just listed and I have already purchased our VIP tickets which means that we will be having a wonderful (hopefully sun filled day) trying all different types of wonderful California wine

Needless to day, it looks like those three events are great ways to begin our last quarter in college.

xox - Rachel

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