Tuesday, February 1, 2011

on a whim

I am not a big "do it on a whim" kind of person. I get really anxious when that happens (okay, fine, I get really anxious when just about anything happens - but that is beside the point) so I tend to plan everything and make sure that I know what is happening months in advance.

Well the past few days I have been doing the exact opposite of that. Yes, that's right, I, who never does anything without planning it to death first, did something on an impulse. No, it was not just any little decision like what color to paint my nails, or to get a new comforter (although I do need one). No, no, it was something big. By "big" I mean... relatively huge as far as decisions go.

Are you ready for it??

Are you sure?!

Okay, here it goes...

Nope, never mind, I just decided you aren't ready. Maybe I'll tell you tomorrow.. I will, however, tell you that it is very exciting, this thing I did.

Sweet dreams :)

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