Tuesday, February 22, 2011

funky photos :)

Today and tomorrow the Love Out Loud Campaign girls are hosting a photo booth on campus for a few hours a day. We have funky hats, mustaches, magic wands, signs, etc. for people to play and take pictures with. We then edit the pictures and send the pictures to the e-mail addresses the people gave us - they are then supposed to set the entire image as their Facebook picture as a way of showing their support for the cause.

It sounds nerdy - and maybe it is - but it is seriously fun. We had over 50 people stop by and take pictures! They are all posted on Facebook :)

I didn't have class until 1 today so I was at our booth for a while. The following pictures are the photos I am in from today. It was a blast.

 the Love Out Loud team (minus sam)

Me and Hannah - my friend from freshman year in the dorms

Me and Stephanie - one of my roommates

Me and Aubrea - a girl I studied with in Spain and am working on Love Out Loud with

It was so much fun. If you are in the SLO area tomorrow, you should check it out.


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