Thursday, August 27, 2009

an outfit good enough for Hugh

So there are definite ups and downs to working at Forever 21. One of the cool things, though, is talking to people about the clothes they are buying and the outfits they are trying on. I love working in the fitting rooms for that exact reason. Its like I get to be part of their shopping experience and sometimes they have very cool stories.

One of my favorites so far was a girl and her mom who came in to my dressing room. The daughter was very tall (perhaps 6 ft or taller) and in fantastic shape. She was trying on little black dresses and a few short colorful ones. When I had first asked what she was shopping for, her mom said "She has an event in LA to go to." They came in to the dressing room three times. The third time, she tried on the black dress she was going to get (which looked fantastic!!) and HUGE jewelry. I asked what the need was for the big jewelry and the mom goes "She got invited to the Playboy Mansion and needs an outfit to wear. You know, she can't wear anything plain or ordinary. She's definitely got to stand out."

I was in shock. How crazy is that? What kind of people get invited as personal guests to the PLAYBOY MANSION!?!

Whatever, I thought it was cool.

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nikol said...

how come we don't get invited to the playboy mansion? what the heck. we're hot. not 6-foot-tall, super-in-shape hot, but we're still hot. =)

a girl from my school got invited to the playboy mansion.

lucky girls!!