Sunday, August 23, 2009

compliments to the...

I think people should take more time to notice things about other people and compliment them. It is a confidence boost the entire way around.

People should also learn how to accept compliments. Saying "thank you" is perfectly acceptable. As is responding with another compliment, as in: "Wow, I like your shirt" "Oh thanks, your hair looks nice today" "Thank you!" el fin

Today I got complimented on my outfit at work from a girl who was waiting in line at my fitting room and it was wonderful. Then, I went to Beverly's to buy canvases ($1.86 for a 16x20 canvas!! that is UNHEARD of) and the girl at the register stopped in the middle of her sentence and said, "Not to sound creepy, but you have beautiful eyes" ... something I am choosing to take as a compliment instead of viewing it as weird that she was staring at me so intently, haha.

Anyway, take time to compliment people!! It's definitely something that can make someone's day!!

(Note to Forever 21: Not cool to switch around our work locations and throw everybody off. I feel bad for those people who were closing tonight. There were piles of go-backs when I left at 2:30)

"I'm not good with big spoons unless there's ice cream on the end" - Gilmore Girls

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