Friday, August 21, 2009

dress to impress

So, I ended up getting a job at Forever 21 in SLO. I picked up my check yesterday. Guess where I spent it all today... that's right, Forever 21. However, I got a super cute purse that fits my laptop and its wonderful. It's brown and fake leather and when I was being rung up at the cash register, three of the women were like "Oh my gosh I want that bag so bad! Do we have more?" ummm no, I got the last one :)

I have decided that making myself look good is something that I am willing to spend my time and money on. Clothes are worth buying because they are such a confidence boost. When I get ready in the morning and I put on a nice outfit and spend a little more time making myself look good (which is relatively easy considering my closet for the past... well... my entire life, has consisted of jeans, t-shirts.. preferably plain white Hanes, sweatshirts, and flip flops). That's not to say that I won't ever wear those clothes again, but if I'm going out and spending time with friends outside the house and all that, I will put a little more thought into what I wear.

Like today, I put on my skinny jeans (which I got a while ago at Forever 21 for $12), Steve Madden boots, and a button up shirt and I looked pretty hot. Not to mention that trying on clothes was much more exciting when I could try them on with my super sexy boots. Hearing the girls who were working in the Faith dressing room at F21 tell me that I look really good in the outfits that I try on, and the added excitement when I put on a dress with my boots and I can just feel their eyes on me and slight jealousy that I can pull off almost anything I put on. I've always wanted to be one of those girls who can wear just about anything. I'm on my way. Now, I'm not saying I can wear anything; but I've learned that being fashionable and stylish depends not only on the clothes you wear, but your attitude while you're wearing them.

If I walk out of my house in my boots, or any outfit looking hot, my day can be that much better.

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