Sunday, May 3, 2009

if all months were like this April...

If all months were like this April, I'd probably be bed-ridden from exhaustion.

Don't get me wrong, April was an absolutely AMAZING month; I'm just glad that the next few weeks (and the rest of May) won't be quite as crazy.

The month kicked off with Easter (I guess, technically that was the second week of April, but bare with me). I got to see my little cousin (I guess he's my second cousin - the kid of a cousin... actually, the kid of a step cousin who is not actually related to my family by blood at all... yeah, my family is confusing). Anyway, Easter with the fam. Pretty cool.

The next weekend was Mamma Mia! in LA with Nikol, Kat, Ashley, and Cassie. Already wrote about that. What a blast.

Then came the really crazy part.

On April 23, I had class, packed, went downtown with Luke to get a cowboy hat and sunglasses, cleaned, went to abut 20 minutes of a wine and cheese party for my study abroad trip to Spain. I left the party early and headed down to Orange County to stay at Kathryn's house for the night before we headed to Palm Desert for Stagecoach. Of course, I left my printed out tickets in my apartment. The one most important thing I needed was left at home. Luckily I was able to easily print out another copy of them. It gave me a scare for a bit, though!

There were seven girls total. Me, Kathryn, Jen, Alex, Stephanie, Christine, and Brittany. We got to Kathryn's at about 2 in the morning, slept until 10 the next day, and then made the drive to Palm Desert.

We ended up renting a hotel room because Steph and Christine didn't want to camp (not to mention the camp sites were probably already full by the time we were making the arrangements). We were only supposed to have 4 people in the hotel room, but we ended up having 7 (and getting busted about 10 min after our arrival).

The room was more of an apartment than a simple room. Complete with kitchen, two queen beds, a bathroom, a pullout couch, cable, a dining table, and a little outside sitting area. Pretty nice for a total of $50 per person for two nights. It was pretty comfortable.

Then came... STAGECOACH!!!!!

We woke up on Saturday and headed out to Stagecoach. We laid out our blankets behind a speaker so there was nobody in front of us, but the music was very loud. It was warm, but we were all glad that we missed the 106 degree weather that was there the weekend before when Coachella was at the same venue. Even though there was a high chance of all of us getting extremely painfully sunburned, we all applied sunscreen religiously and came out surprisingly unharmed. We stayed in front of the "Mane Stage" because that's where most of the people we wanted to see were.

We all bought Stagecoach t-shirts. Mine is black with gray writing. Brittany and I also took advantage of the water bottle deal they had. If you bought their water bottles, it was $2 per bottle. If you refilled one of their water bottles, it was $1 per bottle. If you bought a Stagecoach water bottle, you paid $10 and got unlimited refills the entire weekend. We did that. We drank a lot of water and it definitely paid for itself; not to mention that we stayed hydrated and cool! Kathryn, Brittany, Alex, Jen, and I also waited in line for an hour to get a really cool FREE screen printed Stagecoach poster. They normally sell posters for $10, but this was a special one. It has all the performers and stuff printed on it. It's pretty sweet.

The lineup for Day 1 was:
Danielle Peck (3:50 p.m.) - she was a great performer. some weird songs though.
Darius Rucker (5:00 p.m.) - "Hootie" from "Hootie and the Blowfish" - HE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! His songs were great, I loved his stage appearance, basically, I love him.
Little Big Town (6:30 p.m.) - great stage presence. very personable. loved hearing them play.
Reba (8:00 p.m.) - she is my country music guilty pleasure. I used to watch her show with my mom and my sister when I was younger. steph and I had a blast singing to all her songs. I didn't know how happy seeing her would make me.
Brad Paisley (9:30 p.m.) - I'd seen him before, but I had a blast watching him again. he is a great performer and I always have so much fun dancing and singing to his songs.

These are the five of us who are living together next year :)

While Brad Paisley played, we all sung and danced and stuff. We did some line dancing with the people around us. It was a lot of fun. A guy even asked Kathryn to dance with him!! (Actually, I think that happened during Reba, but who cares!)

We left a little bit early (like, the second to last song) to get to the parking lot so that we would miss some of the traffic. Well, we didn't miss any of the traffic. We sat in a line of cars waiting to get out for about an hour. We didn't get back to the hotel until after 1 in the morning. Everybody was pretty grumpy. Not to mention, I needed to go to the bathroom and I had stubbed my toe on Kathryn's cowboy boot and it hurt super bad.

The next day, however, we were all ready to do it again. We got up, got dressed, packed up all our stuff, and headed out to the fairgrounds. Luckily we got there earlier and got a better parking spot (well, we kinda created our own spots, but who cares).

The lineup for day 2 was:
Randy Houser (2:15 p.m.) - I didn't really watch him, some of us were out getting posters and stuff. I don't know any of his songs anyway (except one).
Zac Brown Band (3:25 p.m.) - they were a lot older than we thought they were. everybody had a blast singing "Chicken Fried" and it was really cool. I didn't know very many of their other songs.
Lady Antebellum (4:40 p.m.) - they were wonderful. I loved hearing them sing. I love their music so much and it was cool to see them on stage.
Miranda Lambert (6:00 p.m.) - she's crazy. but fun to watch.
Kid Rock (7:30 p.m.) - I have mixed feelings about him. we definitely had fun rocking out to Kid Rock, but he was kind of full of himself and kind of an ass. he stayed on stage 30 min longer than he was supposed to so he delayed the next performer. kinda frustrating. not to mention that he's not all THAT country.
Kenny Chesney (9:15 p.m.) - well, we was SUPPOSED to go on at 9:15, but he didn't get on until 9:45. he was a great performer as well. I'd never seen him in concert, so I had a lot of fun with that.

roomies (again)

Waiting in line for our super cool posters!

Unfortunately, we left Kenny early because we wanted to get back on the road. We were driving back to SLO that night, and it was a 6 hour drive. The earlier we left, the better. We had absolutely no problem getting out of the parking lot, and we were on the road by 11:30. I slept in the car for about 2 hours, but then I woke up and kept Kathryn company while she drove. We got in to SLO at about 4:30 in the morning. I ended up going to sleep at 5.

That's all I'm going to write about for now. It seems long enough. I will continue with this crazy month's adventures tomorrow.

I haven't had time to write in my blog at all this week (as you will see in my next blog) but I'm hoping to write more as I get more time. Writing is always hard to do when I have mid terms, tests, finals, etc. This week is relatively free though. I'm hoping to catch up on some sleep. We'll see though. (I didn't get much sleep last night either; not to mention the HUGE hike me, Luke, and Mark took. More on that later)

In any case, Stagecoach was one of the most amazing experiences of my life thus far. I had so much fun with the girls I went with. I can't thank my amazing boyfriend enough for surprising me with the two day tickets he bought for me.

all us girls :)

Sorry, I couldn't decide on one or two pictures to post. I just posted a few of my favorites. They're pretty amazing, don't you think?

I can't wait until next year. I'm already going to start saving up my money.

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