Wednesday, May 20, 2009

don't be embarrassed

I think that life is way too short to be embarrassed about things that help us. I know a lot of people are embarrassed about going to therapy or counseling or whatever. I think that is ridiculous. I strongly believe that talking about things can, if not solve, at least help the situation. If you don't talk things out with whoever the problem is with or with someone who can help you deal with it in a healthy way, you will never get through anything.

Our society has such a derogatory mentality about people who go to therapists and counselors and self help groups and stuff, that it causes people to be embarrassed about the fact that maybe it helps them.

I just want to tell people something about counseling. It helps more than you know. It takes a lot of courage to admit to yourself, your family, and whoever else that you can't solve your own problems all by yourself. Talking to a professional who is there to listen and to help you and aid you in finding ways to make yourself feel better in that specific moment as well as bettering yourself so you are more equipped to deal with issues in the future.

I have gone to a therapist since I was 7 years old. Not consistently to the same one, but at different stages of my life and for different issues. I don't know if it helped me way back then (when I was going because my parents wanted me to go through their divorce), but it helped me through high school and now in college.

I found a woman who is absolutely wonderful. I had no problem driving in to the city every Wednesday during high school, or calling to make an appointment every once and a while now that I'm in college. Looking back on the past few months, calling Beth is what I should have done a few months ago. I thought I'd come so far that I didn't need help dealing with my problems, or I did but I could just put them on my friends and loved ones.

Cal Poly (and every other college, I'm assuming) has services that you can go to for peer counseling or regular counseling services. "No problem is too small" says our counseling office. I think that's really important to know. Problems that seem super small and insignificant can actually lead to bigger issues and can stay in the back of your head and push you to do things that you wouldn't normally do.

Knowing yourself is so so so important. I just want everybody to know that. Dealing with things like self esteem, confidence, fear, learning how to love yourself... those things need to be figured out in order to make your life fulfilling.

If you have somebody there to help you through it, whether it be family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, mentor, professor, etc... make sure to utilize those outlets. Talking it through with the person directly involved in the problem helps, but it also helps to talk to someone who is removed and has little or no stake in the situation. They might be able to give you insight into the situation that you can't see because you're not thinking clearly.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't believe that there is any shame in going to a professional for help. NEVER be embarrassed about the things that help you cope and help you figure out how to be a better person.

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