Monday, May 25, 2009


Sometimes being hopeful can be excruciating.

Hopeful can cause pain.
Hopeful can cause anxiety.
Hopeful can lead to tears.

When hopeful works out, hopeful can be the best thing in the world.
When it doesn't work out, though, hopeful can cause the world to come crashing down.

Hopeful can lead to misplaced optimism.
Hopeful can affect your ability to see clearly.
Hopeful can screw you over if you depend on it.

I know all these things.
I know that being hopeful won't prevail.
I know that my hopes will hurt me in the end.
And yet... I can't stop.

Despite the pain of being hopeful, despite my pessimistic outlook on life, despite always thinking that things will end badly (and they normally do), I am hopeful.


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