Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wonderful wednesday

It has been a while since I've written a "Wonderful Wednesday" post on here, even though I promised myself that I would do one every single week... let's be real, I've only done it twice. So, in honor of summer and the theory that I'm not actually supposed to have anything to do during summer, I figured I'd write one today. (Even though I do actually have things to do and this summer isn't going to be just hanging out and fun like last summer was.)

Things that make this Wednesday wonderful...

1. Shopping for work clothes (and regular clothes) with my step mom. We spent yesterday getting lunch and shopping for nice tops for my internship this summer. Too bad NONE of the pants I tried on yesterday fit me (don't worry, it just means that I got to go shopping again today). Oh and um, how on earth am I a size 10 at H&M but a size 4-6 at every other store I go to? Does that make any sense to you?!

2. Cooking dinner with my family and getting new and easy recipes that I can use next year when I cook for myself more often (one of my goals for my senior year in college). We spent the first day of summer and the longest day of the year sitting outside eating this wonderful meal and having great conversation.
Part of our meal the other night. The salad servers are from Rwanda (I'm pretty sure) a few summers ago when my older sister went to work with gorillas.
The whole meal that I helped cook. Corn on the cob, orange balsamic marinated chicken, the afore mentioned salad, and fresh green beans from my dad and step mom's very own garden (delicious).
Cindy's new lemon and raspberry dessert. It is SO EASY to make and tastes delicious. There are raspberries in the dessert, and normally there are some on top, but somebody in our house ate so many of the fresh organic raspberries that we didn't have enough to put on top...

3. Okay, that person was me... I mean I ate all the raspberries. So number 3 is all the fresh fruit we have in the house. Cindy only buys fruit from the farmer's market which means that they are all locally grown and none of the fruits are imported. I would have taken pictures of all the fruit, but we all tend to eat it too fast to get a good picture. So these are stock pictures...
I never knew that blue berry pictures could be as good as the ones we have in our fridge right now. It's like I'm in heaven every single time I eat them.
Normally strawberries are my older sister's thing, but the ones in our fridge are super good. Like, you wouldn't want to put sugar on them because they are already so sweet.
Unfortunately we just finished our last batch of cherries. Don't worry, I ate almost all of them.

4. Pretty Little Liars - it's a new show on ABC Family. It is on TV on Tuesday nights, but I will be watching it today. Normally Christine and I will watch it together, but she's in Ohio this week so I'm going to watch it with my little sister.

5. The black and grey v-neck t-shirts I got at Target today for $6 each. I'm obsessed. They are the most comfortable things ever, fit amazingly, and as I keep telling Liana, they are some of the best things to ever happen to me.

6. Boy Meets World (speaks for itself)

7. Dawson's Creek - I know I've talked about this before, but I love this show. I'm almost at the end and I just want to know what happens... do Joey and Dawson end up together? What happens with Jen and Jack? Will Pacey and Audrey make up? (shhh don't tell me...) But now I need a new show to watch once I'm done watching the remaining 13 episodes. Any ideas?

8. Reading - I borrowed a bunch of books from Christine for my vacation next week. More on that later.

9. Elephants - I'm reading "Water for Elephants" right now and I'm obsessed. It's so well written!! I've always loved elephants, I'm even staring at one right now that my dad has on the mantel in our play room, one he got from Kenya or somewhere he's been in Africa. 

10. Sunshine!!! Finally there is sun in my life. School was all dark, rainy, and gloomy (until finals week, but I was inside studying and packing the entire week and I couldn't enjoy the sun when it finally came out), and when I got home there was nothing but gloom and cold. Now, there is finally SUNSHINE!!! So happy. Welcome summer!

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