Sunday, June 20, 2010


This post is dedicated to the most amazing father in the world: mine!!

I know, I know, everybody says that their dad is the most amazing dad in the world, and maybe they are right, but mine is perfect for me. I couldn't ask for a better fit of a father. I couldn't ask for someone to be more supportive, loving, and amazing than my dad.

No matter what I do, how thoroughly I screw up (which doesn't happen so much now, but believe me, it happened A LOT in high school), or how frustrating I can be, my dad never ceases to amaze me with his love and support.

Yeah, my dad is kind of a nerd, but I love him for all those nerdy things he does. I love that he tells corny jokes. I love that he cries during sappy movies (including Toy Story and The Lion King). I love that every single time there is an earthquake, he e-mails me a link to a website that will tell me the magnitude, depth, and exact location of said earthquake (he's a civil engineer, cut him some slack). I love that I can call him if I'm having a bad day and he will tell me how beautiful and wonderful I am (even if it may not always be true). I love that he treats my step sisters like his own kids, even though they have their own dad. I love curling up on the couch next to him to watch whatever is on TV in that moment in time (last night it was ESPN Sports Center). I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the picture.

I'm definitely Daddy's little girl.

Daddy teaching me how to use his manual 35 mm SLR when I was younger. Daddy and I now have matching cameras. Thanks for introducing me to photography.

Daddy and I in Switzerland this past fall.

A not so great picture of me, but this is me and Daddy at the fĂștbol game he brought me and my sisters to (Madrid vs Zurich). I can't find a picture of my dad and all of us girls. We will have to take one the next time we are all home.

Yes, I still call my dad "Daddy." I probably always will. My mom still calls her dad "Daddy" even though he passed away when I was two.

And speaking of grandparents, thank you to Grandpa (dad's father) and Grandee (mom's father) for supporting me as much as you possibly can.

Me and Grandee who died when I was 2. I bet, if he was still around, I'd get along with him great. He is the man who gave me my first piece of chocolate when I  was  a month or so old. Grandee was thrilled with himself. I wish I'd gotten to know him better as I got older. (Excuse the picture in the upper left corner, I couldn't find the original so this one is scanned from a scrap book I made in high school.)

One of my favorite pictures ever of me and Grandpa. This is in his backyard in Pennsylvania. Grandpa is so cool, he is quiet but whenever he does speak, it is worth listening to. He still wears those old trucker hats. Grandpa, Daddy and I all have the same smile.

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