Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Och Tamale Gazolly Gazump

I am so glad that this past weekend was a three day weekend! It meant that I got to have the best parts of my world. I got to see my entire step mom's side of the family, watch my big sister graduate college, and have a relaxing (and productive time) packing boxes to move out of our house with Christine.

Friday I spent all day in the car just so I could get to my big sister's baccalaureate ceremony at the University of Redlands. When we got to the chapel, the entire family was there! It was great. Caitlin sang two songs during the ceremony. One of them was the Redlands Och Tamale (if you don't know what it is, look it up, it's funny).

Unfortunately I didn't get to take very good pictures during the baccalaureate, but I got some good ones at the actual graduation ceremony.
Caitlin's friend Ayesha
My big sister!!!
Caitlin and Devery
The four sisters :) 
Uncle Roy, Caitlin's step mom Laura, her dad Dave, Auntie Sharon, Caitlin, my dad, Cindy, Kelley, me, Liana!!! (the family - minus the grandparents, Julie, Aunt Kathe, Carol, and Uncle Bobby)
Me and my big sister (not a great picture, whatever)

After graduation we headed over to Devery's house and we had some FANTASTIC food that Ayesha's mom and extended family made for us. The egg rolls were fantastic, the chicken curry to die for, even the rice was better than I could have even dreamt to make it. I wish I had thought to steal all of it in big tupperware containers so I could still be eating it this week. 

There were four girls and their families at the house. Everybody talked, drank (water... there was alcohol but everybody was way too hot to even consider it), and had a good time.

The food... my mouth is watering!
The four graduates: Ayesha, Caitlin, Kate, and Devery
Sisters again!
Me, Daddy, and Doogie (Howser)!! (wow, I wish I photographed better)

The entire weekend was full of wonderful friends and family. I love spending time with them and I'm looking forward to this summer when I get to see them more often.

I came home on Sunday and got to hang out with Christine. We packed boxes, got ready to go out, went out for ten min, came home, and somehow still managed to stay up until 2 a.m. doing who knows what. We are starting to move into the storage unit TOMORROW!! I'm so excited. On Monday we packed some more, and even managed to make ribs, corn, and cheesy potatoes for dinner!! Happy Memorial Day :)

Okay, bed time now. I'm exhausted and I have a headache. Plus, I should be reading 200 more pages of  White Noise for my humanities final instead of sitting here writing this blog and watching Gilmore Girls.

I can't wait for finals to be over so I can go home and "relax." 

Get ready for another graduation blog in a couple weeks... that's when Liana graduates from high school!!!

I'm so proud of my big sister... CONGRATULATIONS CAITLIN!!! I love you.

P.S. My dress was from Anthropologie and sooooooo not me, but I loved it! Even though Anthropologie is kinda out of my price range, I might have to start shopping there more often. They have cute clothing and they also have super cute house decorating stuff and gorgeous vintage books. I must go there more often... maybe Christine and I can spend some time there this summer while we are hanging out at home.

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