Friday, March 5, 2010


I was reading one of my favorite blogs of choice: The Rockstar Diaries. I think her personality in her blog is so fantastic! Her dog, Kingsley, is adorable, and I love the name!

Anyway, sometimes she has giveaways on her blog. I wish that I had realized that the bag she posted the other day was a giveaway because I totally would have commented and tried to win it. So, because I didn't realize it was a giveaway, I didn't enter to win and I'm kicking myself (not that I would have won it or anything... but there would still be that chance).

Well, anyway, these bags are super cute. I would love to save up some money and buy one so that I can have a super cute camera bag! They are so stylish and cute, and only $80! Okay, so "only" is definitely a relative term, but if I set aside money from my next two paychecks, I should be able to get one so that I can have a stylish camera bag for all those spring photo shoots that Nikol and I WILL be going on next quarter.

What do you think? Check them out...

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