Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.B. = Spring Break, Sun Burn, Stress Break

Wow, I haven't written in SO long! It's not that I haven't wanted to, it's just that I guess I haven't really been motivated or something. I even have the time! I spend so much time watching online TV and stuff, you'd think I'd do something at least semi-productive with my time. No such luck.

Anyway, we just had finals and even though I should have been stressed, I wasn't. I always tell myself that I'm going to do all the reading for each quarter and stuff, but I never do. I guess I just kinda feel like I don't apply myself in my major and I could be doing something so much more challenging and important to me... I will just have to go to grad school or something after Poly so that I can get a degree in something that challenges me.

Now it is spring break, and I every spring break I am so happy that I am on the quarter system. It means that I don't have any homework or anything over the break, it's just for relaxing and what not. Liana and I drove up to Eugene on Friday so that we could check out University of Oregon. She's thinking about going there for school. It's either there or Penn State... I'm so proud of her for getting into such great schools, but I'm still kinda baffled at the fact that she's going to COLLEGE!! In any case, Oregon was beautiful.

I love being home for this week, even though I'm missing out on those great spring break trips that so many of my friends are on. Next year, my goal is to have a fantastic spring break, I feel like it is a college student right of passage and I'm missing out if I don't go on a really fun trip to Mexico, or Florida, or Tahoe, wherever.

Today I went to the high school to say hi to my step mom, Ms. J, etc. When I stepped on to that campus, I suddenly felt all those high school student insecurities rush back to me. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the little siblings of my high school acquaintances are in Cindy's classes. It's like, the mini version of all my friends, in the same classes, four years later. Weird. Stupid insecurities and anxieties and feelings of worthlessness that all come back after spending five minutes on that campus. Thank goodness I don't ever have to be in high school again.

As for now, I am going to enjoy the beautiful weather that has decided to show up for this wonderful week. I already have a sunburn from spending time in the sun. Tomorrow I have an interview for an internship this summer. Then I'm going to visit Biggie in the city, and Thursday I'm going to hang out with Katelin at UOP.

Even though I'm not in Florida with so many of my best friends, this spring break is exactly what I've needed. Hopefully I can stop stressing and I can just relax.. knowing me, though, I will keep stressing even though there is NOTHING to stress about.

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