Wednesday, March 24, 2010

can't get enough

I'm in such a good mood right now, I just thought I would share :)

This morning I went to the AAA office in Walnut Creek and had an interview with Bob in their public relations department. (I called him "Mr. Brown" and he laughed at me for being so formal...) It went so well! I think I have an internship for this summer! He said he was going to talk to HR about payment... but even if I can't get paid, the experience will be fantastic. They have so many awesome programs! He said he'd send me an e-mail with all the cool events they have in the works for the next few months... I'll post them here because I think they are fantastic.

Today Kelley and I are taking Liana out to lunch on her lunch break from high school (well, okay, we are picking her up and paying with my dad's money, but still). It will be fun. Our favorite lunch place, where we go whenever we have sister lunches like this, is a sandwich shop called  Domenico's. Delicious!

Also, as par my daily routine, I came on blogger just now so that I can be updated on all the wonderful blogs I read every single day. There is one that Nikol follows and, naturally, because Nikol has such fabulous taste in blogs and style, I follow it too. It is written by a magazine writer in New York. Her blog is so fun to read and she always has adorable giveaways and such (stuff that I always enter to win, but probably won't). Anyway, today's post was from an adorable little UK shop named Papermash. I have a feeling I will be looking on their website and spending a pretty penny on some of this stuff... (and yes, I did just use the term "pretty penny")

Oh.. and these pictures are AMAZING!! I'm obsessed!!

Anyway, that's all for now. Tonight I am hanging out with Biggie in the city. I'm pretty excited :)

P.S. I totally went link happy on this post. Oh well, it's just one of those days.


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