Thursday, September 9, 2010

uncomfortably laughable

Okay, so I've always thought Snuggies were absolutely hilarious/ridiculous. Not to mention that they have Snuggies for dogs (I tried to convince my mom to get one for our dog so that he could match my step dad in the one my sister got him for Christmas... she didn't go for it). Every single time I watch a Snuggie commercial I get uncomfortable because it is so awkward... this time, however, I was beyond uncomfortable. I was laughing, out loud, by myself, because it was so awkward.

Check it out and laugh for yourself ;)

P.S. The version of the Snuggie that is advertised on airplanes in SkyMall is called a "Slanket". I think I like that name better.

And just for good measure, another commercial that makes me too uncomfortable for words:


JMay said...

omg these videos are hilarious.

Danville Florist said...

These videos are so much hilarious. I cant stop laughing.

San Jose Florist said...

Snuggies is absolutely ridiculous. Freaking hilarious videos.