Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Salem Church

When I visited my grandparents this summer I went with my Grandfather to the church they go to every Sunday. The church has some amazing history and always draws me in to the past. I'm not one of those people who watches the History Channel a whole bunch, but historical events have always been something that peak my interest - even when I was little.

Salem Church has been standing since the middle of the 1800's. The church closed for a few years in the middle of the 20th century, but reopened in the 1950's. My grandparents were among the 30 original members when it reopened. The church that was the main sanctuary back then is now the chapel which is only used for special occasions such as weddings.

I love the chapel, I think it is beautiful, but my favorite part of the church is the cemetery. I know, it is kinda weird, but cemeteries hold so much history and so many memories. They don't bury anybody in the cemetery anymore, but there are still tombstones from the 18th and 19th centuries. A lot of the people buried there were buried during or after the Civil War.

The brass GAR stars are for men who were honorably released from the Union Army during the Civil War. They are next to about a third of the graves in the Salem Church grave yard. 

Note: While I was there I was debating whether or not it was appropriate to take pictures of the graveyard. I even Googled the subject before heading to the church with my grandfather. A lot of people felt as though as long as you stay far enough away from those people who are there to pay their respects as well as being respectful yourself, it is okay. 

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