Sunday, August 1, 2010

the good life

This past weekend I went back to SLO to visit some friends and get a cost estimate for how much it will be to get our stuff moved from the storage unit to the new house. It's a lot of money, but definitely worth it.

Anyway, just a quick little recap about it..
Christine and I drove down and we stayed with Garrett, Bryan and Chris at their house on Verde. I used Mike's room because, unfortunately, he wasn't there (on the plus side, however, I got to sleep in a bed instead of on the couch so that was a win for me). 

Friday night we hung out with Verde boys, then Steph and some Beta boys came over and we all went downtown. It was so much fun!
Garrett, Stephanie, Zack, Me, Christine, Bryan

Christine, Me, Stephanie

Saturday, after Christine and I had a very delirious and ridiculous morning, we went wine tasting with Garrett's parents. I was the 5th wheel tag along. It was my first time wine tasting and it was so much fun! I love vineyards, they are so pretty.

The first winery we visited, Wolff. I liked the spicy Syrah they had
we were drinking Bishop's Peak Cabernet... it was delicious.
Last stop of the day.

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with a good high school friend of mine and just hanging out. We grabbed lunch at CPK before we all headed out. 

Tomorrow I leave for Costa Rica. I have to say, I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Looking forward to a week with my dad, step-mom, and all my sisters.


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