Wednesday, August 11, 2010

pura vida

Ever realize how vacations can be more exhausting than regular day-to-day life?
Of course, the exhaustion comes from eating large breakfasts, drinking way too many mojitos, and spending time on excursions... but still, it's exhausting. 

My family and I just got back from Costa Rica and it was a wonderful vacation. The group consisted of me, my  dad, step mom, family friend, and my three sisters. Everybody got along (for the most part) and there were no huge blowups like there usually are.

The food was good (especially breakfast), hanging out by the pool was wonderful, zip-lining was a blast, seeing all the animals was exciting, and the service was exquisite. We had a thing called "royal service" which meant that we had so many privileges that the regular guests did not have access to. The whole resort was all inclusive, and the drinks were super tasty. 

Here are my top 10 favorite pictures from the trip:

1. Toucan .. there were two of them
2. View of the ocean
3. The biggest grasshoppers I have ever seen
4. Monkeys!! (this one was yelling at us)
5. I really like pictures of twisty plants/vines (don't ask why)
6. They plant hot peppers to keep the bugs away from the organic coffee plants
7. Horses that we rode all through the forest
8. Bats that line up on the trees to look like snakes
9. Monkeys that relax by laying on a branch and hanging their feet off. Looks pretty comfortable.
10. Pretty purple flowers

And a few of the family:
Sisters (Liana, me, Kelley, Caitlin)

Zip-lining (I liked the frame that the tree provided to the photograph)

The whole family on our horses (Caitlin, Liana, Kelley, me, Devery, Cindy, Daddy)

The girls at lunch (Devery, Caitlin, Liana, me, Kelley)

P.S. The coffee was FANTASTIC. I bought myself three bags of it, even though I don't even know how to make it at home!


nikol said...

that monkey's hands are so freaking cute.

JMay said...

This looks like sooo much fun!