Sunday, August 22, 2010

look what I did!

Okay, so I'm 21 and I'm JUST learning how to sew... from my Mommy... who has been sewing since before she can remember. She has made everything from aprons to wedding dresses to quilts to my favorite black sparkly dress that I wore all the time when I was little (pictures to come... at some point). Anyway, so I decided it was time for me to learn how to sew. I want to be able to sew for my kids, make christmas presents for my nieces and nephews, etc. I just think it is an overall great thing to know how to do.
The main fabric I used.

Anyway, so a few weeks ago my mom started teaching me how to sew. She has a very nice Singer sewing machine that my step dad bought her a few years ago. I am also using a Singer machine... only mine is the one my mom used when she was my age.

We started with an apron pattern because that's something that's pretty easy to learn how to do. I just finished a few days ago (and brought it to my grandparent's house in PA so that I could show Grandma what I'd done) and I will start new and more challenging things in the next few days.

While I was making an apron for myself, my mom was making a similar apron (same pattern, different fabric) for my little step-niece, Madison (who we all just adore).
My Fabric
The super adorable fabric for Maddie's, with three different colors of cupcakes
The ric rac that went around the pockets and the edges of the apron
My finished apron (and first real sewing project ever)!!
Look how little Maddie's apron is compared to mine...

I've found that sewing is a pretty good bonding experience for my mom and I. We aren't normally able to spend too much time together without wanting to rip each other's heads off, however, for some reason, we got through this first sewing project without a hitch (knock on wood). 

Now, I know it's just a simple little apron and I still have a whole lot to learn... but I'm pretty damn proud of myself!  

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