Saturday, July 17, 2010

missing cat

If you haven't already read this, you really should. I was literally laughing out loud.

Okay, just kidding. I totally thought that was the only article there was, but after I published this original post I realized there are so many more funny conversations!!! Besides the fact that this guy is a jerk and I would probably cry if I had this sort of e-mail interaction, it is still pretty funny to read. Check out the rest of the funny interactions at this website.

This weekend I have been taking care of Christine's dog Riley, watching TV, reading another book, and just relaxing.

What have you been doing? I hope your weekend has been fantastic!

P.S. I ran into Katelin and her mom at Kinder's today (a BBQ sandwich place at home) so I got to sit and have lunch with them. It was so nice to catch up because I hadn't seen Katelin in a while, and I hadn't seen her mom in even longer!!

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