Sunday, January 31, 2010

I don't wanna grow up

The second star to the right
Shines in the night for you
To tell you that the dreams you plan
Really can come true

This past weekend was so much fun! I got to hang out with all of my best friends and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Friday I had dinner with Kat, then got to watch Definitely Maybe with Nikol, Kat, and Jessica.

Saturday I got to hang out with Christine and Steph during the day. I also got to get ready with Steph, Christine, Jessica, Nikol, and Kat for the Dirty Disney party at Beta. My room mates and I were Lost Boys from Peter Pan, Kat was Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Jess was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Nikol was Mrs. Incredible (Robert was her matching "Mr. Incredible" ... very fitting) Despite the fact that I have bruises on my body, my shoes are caked in mud, i have a bruise on my head from hitting it last night when I was going to bed, and I can't move my arm because my shoulder hurts SO FREAKING MUCH, last night was so much fun! Here are a few pictures:
 Lost Girls
Dirty Disney

Me and Kat

Me and Nikol

Alice, Lost Girls, Mrs. Incredible, Belle 
The fact that the three of us were Lost Girls was so fitting because Peter Pan is one of my favorite movies of all time. When I got sick when I was little and my dad would stay home with me from work, I used to make him watch Peter Pan on repeat ALL DAY!! What a dedicated and loving father I have. Because of that, I can probably recite the entire movie. Oh wait, did I mention that I was Tinkerbell for Halloween in 8th grade? Or that I have the entire Peter Pan sound track on my iPod? Well, I was, and I do.

Today is Maryn's birthday so I got to go to Hannah and Caroline's apartment and celebrate with the three of them while we ate Pita Pit and chocolate chip cookies. It was nice and relaxing.

The other day I checked my MySpace for the first time in months/years. Beyond reading my entire blog that I had posted on that (more on that in another post), I also looked at all the pictures and videos I have posted on my page. Here is a quick glimpse into 17-year-old me and what I had on my MySpace page:

This video still gives me chills. I love it! "The Kiss" from The Notebook
Me and the girls I grew up with at my mom's wedding sophomore year of high school
Me and my junior prom date, Garrett, before the dance. (I wasn't dating him, he was one of my good friends' boyfriends. I just borrowed him for the night because they went to a different school and he was a year older.)

My profile picture (my sister and I in Turks and Caicos on Thanksgiving during my senior year of high school)
Senior year Halloween with my best friend, Katelin (one of my only best friends that I DIDN'T see this weekend!).  She was a butterfly, I was a lady bug

Me and Danielle. I've known her my entire life. We even lived two houses away when we were growing up!
Me, Amanda, Emily, Courtney, and Ali when we got evicted on our senior trip to Hawaii after graduation.

My senior portrait

*Thank you Nikol and Christine for the Dirty Disney pictures!

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