Monday, January 18, 2010

what love sounds like

This past weekend I got to drive down to Redlands to hang out with my family and see my big sister, Caitlin, sing in her senior recital. On Friday it took me SIX HOURS to get down there (normally it's only four and a half), but it was so nice once I made it

Saturday was full of preparation for Caitlin's recital. We went to the party supply store, BevMo, Khols, and Caitlin gave me and Liana a tour of Redlands (don't ask me how she had time for that). I spent the entire day hanging out with Liana, and I got to also spend time with my other sisters and family members.

That night was Caitlin's recital. Let me tell you, Caitlin sounded absolutely AMAZING and she looked beautiful too! I couldn't take pictures during the performance because it is too distracting, but take my word for it, she looked stunning and so classy standing up there singing beautiful songs next to that grand piano. When she started singing I got tears in my eyes.

So many people from our family came down to Southern California to see her perform. It was wonderful! Our whole family (sisters, parents and step parents), Aunt Kathe, Carol, Auntie Sharon, Uncle Bobbie, and our cousin Anthony all came to see her perform. We have such an amazing and supportive family, I couldn't ask for anything more. It was so fun to go to dinner with them all and hear what is new in everybody's lives.

Saturday night Kelley, Anthony, and I headed over to Caitlin's apartment for wine and good laughs. We had so much fun! Her friends are so funny and we had so much fun talking about the most random stuff like the awkward arm conversation: little spoon vs big spoon and what you do with the extra arm that has nowhere to go.

Anyway, I'm so glad that I had a wonderful weekend down at Redlands. I can't wait to go back and visit everybody down there for graduation. They are all so fantastic. Here are some pictures (seven to be exact) of my trip down there..

Classic sister pose...

Caitlin's roses ... beautiful, just like her voice

Joseph, Miranda, Brenda and Caitlin. Brenda used to take care of Caitlin and Kelley (plus me and Liana sometimes) when they were little. Last time I saw these kids, Miranda was two!!
Me and my beautiful sisters!! I love them so much.

The entire family. And as nice as Dave and Laura are, they are my step sister's other family and it was kinda awkward that I ended up standing next to them in the family picture... just sayin.

Alright, these ones aren't from Caitlin's recital, but I thought they were adorable and I just got them on my computer when I downloaded my pictures from this past weekend. This is my niece Madison Joy. She is a little over a year old and the cutest thing ever.
Maddie taking a nap on our way to lunch.
She looooves blowing kisses!! And we all loooove receiving them <3

I am so proud of my big sister and everything she has accomplished with her voice and in life and love her so much.

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