Sunday, December 13, 2009

who said it's over?

Okay, I love the show Greek. It is on ABC Family and it is one of those shows with not so great acting, but I am such a hopeless romantic, it is just the kind of show that I absolutely LOVE!! If you haven't watched it, please do. Casey and Cappie are absolutely adorable and when I watched the Thanksgiving episode from this most recent season I actually teared up. Yes, that's right, I'm a sap. But it's so adorable!!  I know that TV shows aren't reality, I know that love doesn't always work this way, but it is the Notebook effect. You watch it and you just feel like at some point you will meet someone who will change your entire life and you will be so happy and you just know that you are supposed to be with them because you are soul mates or lobsters (yes, that was a Friends reference), or whatever cheesy love story title you want to add to it. Not kidding, this is adorable and I absolutely love it. Even in crappy times when I don't have someone to hold me or kiss me or whatever, even when I can't think of an ex-boyfriend who could become that one for me or come up with a potential future boyfriend who will make me feel this way... it still makes me happy to know that people DO have these relationships. They do fall in love and it does last and sometimes, people do mean it when they tell you that they love you.

Casey: I know where I wanna be in ten years, do you?
Cappie: I wanna be with you!

Casey: Why can't you find someone else who's perfect for you?
Cappie: Because no other girl in the world compares to you.

Casey: Yo know, Cap, I hope I didn't hurt you when I ended things
Cappie: who said it's over?

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