Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am tired and ready to go home.

This experience in Spain has been absolutely wonderful, exhausting, ground breaking, eye opening, and anything else you can think of... but I'm tired and I miss my friends and family and I want to go home.

My time here is still absolutely fantastic and I go through mixed thoughts of "Wow, I can't believe it is already here! I feel like I just got to Spain!" and "Uh, I'm done now. I feel like I've been here forever!"

When I get back to the States I know that I am going to miss it here. I am going to miss the people, the language, the experiences, all of it. But I am really ready to start my life. I am ready to actually become someone, instead of just learning how to start.

I am ready to work hard at my classes, help out as much as humanly possible with Poly Script, cuddle with my friends, and go out and have fun with them.

Not that I haven't been doing anything here, but it's just that time.

I had a wonderful long weekend in Italy last weekend (read about it in a day or two on my other blog), but now I have to crack down on studying for finals. I have exactly one week before I will be on my way home.

It is so crazy to think about that, but I am relieved.

I need to crash. I need to get home, break down, get hugs, cuddle, relax, see friends, spend time with family... and just, as they would say here, descansar.

On that note, bed time.

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