Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm "RT-ing"

Okay, it is 1 in the morning in Spain but I still need to take the time to check all my important websites: Hotmail (parentals use that one), Facebook, Blogger, and, por supuesto, TWITTER! (I should add my bank account and My Cal Poly to that list... but for some reason money and grades aren't super important right now).

Anyway, this was on somebody's Twitter updates and I am being "that girl" and re-posting it. Just not on Twitter... because that would just be silly ;)

Read this... if you Tweet, you will laugh. If you don't Tweet, you will scoff, and then laugh. I liked it and found it humorous.

Blogging and Twitter... what great ways to spread the word about things that are important, funny, lame, boring, thoughts, experiences, etc. A mi, me gusta.

1 comment:

nikol said...

HAHA! i'm totally laughing from that twitter post.

loving it! and it's so true!